Integration and the Verinote API

Field Intelligence and Evidence Collection.

Leverage VeriSaaS structured and mobile information collection platforms to compliment your records management and analytics platforms. Pair Verinote with Microsoft, Modis Söze and Pegasus for rich field intelligence and evidence collocation, deep data analytics, secure case management and seamless user provisioning.

The Verinote API

Mobilise your existing legacy solutions

VeriSaaS’s API is constructed to allow existing platforms and solutions to securely consume structured, meaningful and authentic intelligence & evidence gathered in the field. Contact us for more information on how VeriSaaS can rapidly mobilise your workforce and allow for immediate digital transformation, today.

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Altia-ABM Pegasus Integration

Extend your Pegasus solution with field reporting

Pegasus allows law enforcement agencies to manage all aspects of covert operations effectively, discreetly and securely. It supports police and other bodies apply high levels of oversight across covert operations. Comply with regulations, guidelines and best practice for gathering, storing, accessing and sharing covert information.

Verinote allows Pegasus users to capture real-time mission critical information, evidence, encrypted recordings and photographs to feed their Pegasus platform, from the field. 

Modis Söze Integration

Ingest Verinote data, discovering and connecting entities of potential interest

Söze is able to ingest huge volumes of digital information, discover entities of potential interest to Police, and importantly also discover the relationships between those entities. Using the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence, further insights can be discovered from information assets connected across multiple data domains.

Verinote and Söze enables field intelligence and evidence collection across your entire workforce to form part of the greater intelligence and evidence gathering ecosystem

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration

Authenticate and provision your users. With ease

The Microsoft Azure Active Directory enterprise identity service provides user management, provisioning, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to help protect your users from 99.9 percent of cybersecurity attacks.

Most organisations world-wide are using this service, so Verinote has made it easy to integrate your already established Microsoft Azure Active Directory into VeriSaaS, to quickly deploy Verinote across your entire organisation.

Don’t worry, you don’t need Microsoft Azure Active Directory to use Verinote. Verinote can manage your users as a stand-alone offering, or we can federate with other managed identity providers.

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